7 simple rules for dating

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Vanessa puts a more flexible spin on Ellen and Sherrie's program.For her, it boils down to creating healthy boundaries and establishing your own power in the relationship, right from the start."You can see Britney Spears’ demise happened around the same time she proposed to Kevin Federline," she says.

"That said, I think the advice works sometimes," she adds.She wears only high heels and push-up bras with "big (three-inch) hoop earrings" and a "chunky gold watch." She waxes, uses contacts ("try blue and green shades! She doesn't return calls, doesn't blab about her career success ("try to let shine!"), and doesn't drink so much that she lets herself get raped.But, I told her, 'We don't go text for text.' Just because he sends a message doesn't mean you're obligated to respond all the time." There a kind of empowerment in a concept like that.How often have we analyzed and fretted over the precise timing and language of a text conversation?

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