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This sort of divergence doesn’t have to be academic, either. Piaget thought of these as processes–assimilating and accommodating knowledge–as both interactive (one affecting the other) and capable of overlapping. Students with access to Wi Fi at home will have a much greater opportunity for “broadband schema”–that is, the kind of schema that is diverse, digital, and at times random and nonsensical. Diversify your teaching strategies This all suggests diversity. What “makes sense” to you is powerful, and it can be hard to get around that no matter how much you recognize it intellectually. Practice, practice, practice Allow students to encounter ideas over and over again from a variety of perspectives, using different “vessels.” This also suggests spiraling big ideas in your curriculum.When a child encounters stimuli without assimilating or accommodating it–or without being capable of assimilating or accommodating it–they will fail to “understand.” Whatever new idea they encountered will either have to be further parsed and analyzed, or discarded. 6 Tips For Schema-Friendly Teaching And know that what’s happening at the cognitive level will be different for every student because their schema is nuanced and unique. The same with students raised on farms, in the city, in single-parent homes, and so on. But it’s based on your own schema, scale, and timeline. Being exposed to academic standards only a few times in limited number or forms limits a student’s ability to effectively reform said data into useful schema.Labeling it as a dog is an example of assimilating the animal into the child’s dog schema.Assimilation occurs when someone makes use of the pre-existing knowledge to make sense of the new knowledge.For example, the prefix in- becomes im- in impossible by assimilation to the labial p of possible.

When the child sees a horse for the first time, he calls it dog as it has four legs.

A schema refers to both mental and physical actions in understanding and knowing.

In Cognitive development theory, a schema includes both a category of knowledge and the process of obtaining that knowledge.

Assimilation and Accommodation are two basic components of Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.

According to Piaget’s theory, a child’s intellectual growth is a result of adaptation.

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