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Worse yet, he or she can gain trusted access to friends and family.We've seen plenty of stories that show Facebook friends can easily be tricked into sending money in response to believable pleas for help.Some cons spend months grooming their marks, waiting until after several "I love yous" before asking for 0 to be wired to the passport office in London to help clear up a paperwork mess so he can come to America for a visit. Generally, the more you pay for a service the fewer criminals you'll see, and free Craigslist personal ads tend to be a cesspool.

He put it this way: Men could learn a lot from con artist lovers.But the crime you should most worry about is Facebook impersonation.A criminal who hacks into your Facebook account can learn a staggering amount of information about you.For this reason, it's time to upgrade your Facebook password.Treat it like an online banking site, because it's not a stretch to say that a criminal who hacks your Facebook account is only one small step away from stealing your money ("Hello, First National Bank, I've lost my password. ") 4.) Becoming a bot You may not know it, but your computer might be a criminal.

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