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The peak is expected take place on the night of Saturday August 12 into the early hours Sunday August 13.

The Perseids are meteors caused by pieces of space debris left behind in the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle.

When Earth passes through the comet’s path, the debris slams into our planet’s upper atmosphere at speeds of up to 130,000mph (210,000 km/h).

The Perseids were first observed by Chinese astronomers in 36 AD.

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Robotic telescope service Slooh will broadcast the live stream at 1am BST on Sunday August 13 in the UK and at 5pm PDT on Saturday August 12 in the US.

Slooh is bringing together a host of experts and astronomers for an educational programme broadcast live from the Institute of Astrophysics on the Canary Islands.

The Perseid meteor shower began on July 17 and is not expected to end completely until August 24.

Throughout this time, three to four shooting stars dash across the sky every hour, but the numbers will skyrocket during the peak tonight.

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