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Sarita sees the ghosts of Manjeet and her son, she advises Vishal to meet Manjeet's mother (Tanuja), since she can placate her daughter's spirit.Vishal complies and meets Manjeet's mother, he learns from Manjeet's mother that Manjeet was not the type of woman who would commit suicide.It consists of 7 songs, 1 remix and an instrumental, the whole soundtrack is not used in the movie, except the song "Ghor Andhere" for the ending credits.Bhoot is Director Ram Gopal Varma's second horror film after Raat (1992), starring Revathi.Qureshi tries to stop her, having no idea of the real story. But, Sarita asks Manjeet to leave him as the blame will come upon Swathi.Sanjay escapes, only to find himself surrounded by Vishal, Sarita, Manjeet and Qureshi who now knows the truth.To state that she is excellent would be doing gross injustice to her work.

Finally, Vishal's maid calls an exorcist named Sarita (Rekha).It was perceived to be different from a typical Bollywood movie as it did not contain songs, it was later dubbed in Telugu as 12 Va Anthasthu and remade in Tamil as Shock. The story is about Vishal (Ajay Devgn) who is married to Swati (Urmila Matondkar), the couple rents a high rise apartment at a ridiculously low price.The caretaker of the apartment, Mr Thakkar (Amar Talwar) explains to Vishal that a widow named Manjeet Khosla (Barkha Madan), the previous resident, committed suicide after killing her own son.Manjeet leaves Swati's body, and Vishal and Swati live a good life in the apartment.Meanwhile, in the lockup, Qureshi tells Sanjay that death sentences are light penalties for a criminal like him, he wishes that Sanjay gets a bigger punishment.

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