Speed dating bangkok metropolis speed dating midlands

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Just see the pictures, for sea food they don't even use ice, which in this tropical heat will almost for sure end in disaster.This is for the open air restaurants, it's a bit better in places in the houses but not much.If you order another beer its usually around three dollars, some places also have draft beers and big bottles with 0.6 l.The difference is they have a crew of around 30 girls which are there the whole evening, singing and entertaining.I also sometimes read about strip shows and go-go but this is definitely not the case here.

If you are out for speed dating the best is to visit some of the discos, there are plenty.Just look at the fishes they lay there the whole evening and nobody knows where they have been stored before.This kind of food is attractive because it's very cheap, well this is exactly what you get, low level stuff which makes you sick.At the same floor was a at 19th street off Mahabandoola which is also in Chinatown.Be very careful with this stuff, it's cheap but dangerous.

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