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There was something quite theraputic about formatting a list, cross-referencing with websites…it was cathartic to create something orderly from the comfort of my baby-debris ridden home.

There are almost daily posts on the Cardiff Mums Facebook page asking what groups are on each day.

You also hear about self-employed people and/or small business owners like myself who get little to no business for periods...

Read More → There’s a proverb that says that having clear and sunny days all the time creates deserts.

The directory can be accessed here and via the site menu – please let me know if you’ve found it useful. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for regular updates.Fast forward to 2017 and I have a restless 9 month old who is desperate to interact in the mornings. There was no online trace of groups that sounded promising – except for “This site can’t be reached” URLS.He can finally play with toys, kick about on a mat, sit up and stand assisted. Finding an accurate list of library Rhymetimes was another hopeless task.Since L came home, I’ve had a pile of papers on the arm of my sofa.On my first meeting with my lovely health visitor, she gave me a list of the local baby groups and library sessions.

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