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Talking for the first time about her dad’s telly role, Daisy said: “I’m so excited for him.

‘She was flirting and has the biggest crush on him.

But even she feels the nerves as she steps onto the dance floor every Saturday night, aware she is being scrutinised from every angle. “I thought it would get easier but it hasn’t seemed to yet.There’s a bit of a pout to it.” Meanwhile, Daisy has been enjoying feasting on her favourite foods, knowing that gruelling dance rehearsals will burn away the calories.The model says she has “the sweetest tooth ever” and added: “I have never been so hungry in all my life — and I am a really hungry girl.If you need advice on a subject that we haven’t written about, just ask. Use any comment box, personal email, or Get Answers and we’ll be sure to respond as quick as we can. Subscribe on the right hand side of this page so you don’t miss anything (the only thing you’ll get from us is an update when we’ve posted a new article). The first thing we want to make sure you understand is how to protect your privacy while you’re at work. The following posts will help you stay organized and on top of your game from a business standpoint.

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