Dating a small town girl

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Their parents worried that they might be tempted during their adolescence, but dismissed the idea after they finished high school, still just as tight knit as ever.

The summer after graduation, they spent even more time together.

In the small town, people lived in tiny spheres of influence.

It was pretty common that the same people would go to school and work together, and then see each other later that week at church.

Karla's life was no different, and she had been raised alongside the same group of friends her entire life.

A few had managed to leave the small community when their families moved for work, but most lived in the town their entire life.

She brushed off the dust before climbing in, as if the old truck would take offense to more grime. Besides, she's got a lot of life left in her." Karla rolled her eyes, "We should hurry.

With no more school, the three had tons of free time on their hands, at least until their parents made them get full time jobs to earn their keep. Connelly asked if they could help with a bake sale, they eagerly agreed, happy for something to do in the small town.

The day before, Karla waited on her front porch, waiting for her ride.

"Mom wants me to drop him off at practice," Daniel said apologetically. Ronald leaned forward to look at Garth, "Wanna be left here, kid? Eventually, the truck was chugging along, Ronald in the driver seat, Daniel in the passenger and Garth between them, straddling the shifter.

Karla sat on Daniel's leg, wedged between him and his younger brother. After Ronald had bought it, the Chevy had become their community transport, its struggling frame holding true over the years.

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