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Site colours can match the colours of the logotype.If you do not have a logotype, contact our professional designer team to have it created for you.You can make use of another interesting feature called holiday logos.They are set to display for a short period for some special occasion.All you need to do to have your site up and running is to contact our friendly support team.We can do installation for you, we provide guidance along the way and we can even provide hosting services and create a logo or new design.We also post articles on our blog that help you find inspiration, learn about new trends or show you how to do this or that trick with the website.

You will also be able to communicate, offer good piece of advice, check related news, even check pet horoscopes – yes, there is a tool for that!

All of these and other features are available to you in less than a pig’s whistle – with the ready PHP solution by Pilot Group.

The solution is called PG Dating Pro, and it provides all necessary features for you and your site fellows to work with.

In this article we will give you tips on how to adjust a website to the niche idea of bringing together pet lovers.

First of all, let’s think about the look of the website.

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