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The narcissist will dig deep into his ‘bag of tricks’ to re-conquer his perceived opponent.

He will be capable of unthinkable and egregious behavior because your initiative of No Contact has upset him to the very core.

He may romance you, seduce you, and charm you just like he did in the beginning.

NPD has no conscience, hence his ability to move on quickly to seek a new victim with more supply. If you just need to do this one time, the Files class makes this easy: 2parameter (true) is a feature (or, interface) called appendable ( Buffered Writer, Char Array Writer, Char Buffer, File Writer, Filter Writer, Log Stream, Output Stream Writer, Piped Writer, Print Stream, Print Writer, String Buffer, String Builder, String Writer, Writer) with this interface can be used for adding content In other words, you can add some content to your gzipped file, or some http process Print Writer out = null; Buffered Writer buf Writer; trycatch(IOException e) //After successful creation of Print Writer out.println("Text to be appended"); //After done writing, remember to close!Why not spend more time on your project and forget about writing anything already written.Perhaps the most confusing and difficult thing when being involved with a narcissist is the crazy- making cycles of breaking up followed by the “highs” of making up.It is an inevitable process that comes with the territory of a narcisstic relationship.

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