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Currently, considerable attention is being paid to genomic selection with the approach of predicting genome-wide breeding values.Studies have demonstrated that the potential accuracies from dense molecular information are impressive, ] showed that it was possible to predict breeding values of unrecorded offspring using genomic selection with accuracies of 0.86 with only a small bias, for a trait with heritability 0.5, 1000 phenotypes and an effective population size of N], a Bayesian approach, 'Bayes B' was used, which was computationally time-consuming and required some prior assumptions to be made concerning the potential number of QTL segregating and the prior distributions for QTL and marker effects.Conisbrough near Doncaster was the setting for Sir Walter Scotts ‘Ivanhoe’.Using the Castle as the basis for a Saxon stronghold during the reign of Richard 1st the tale about chivalry and knighthood daring-do led too a TV series in the 1960’s.This increase in the scale of molecular information results in data where, typically, the number of predictors (markers) is larger than the number of records (phenotypes).This statistical problem has been considered before, and several methods based on the multivariate regression theory, such as partial least square regression, (PLSR) and principal component regression (PCR) have been used for such situations.The castle is not the oldest part of Conisbrough as St Peters Church is the oldest building in South Yorkshire dating from AD 650-700.At the time of the Norman conquest the manor was held by King Harold and consisted of the church and 28 vills or villages.

However, these algorithms have not been tested sufficiently in the context of genome-wide breeding value estimation, against 'Bayes B' results, to decide upon their desirability of use.Although, the PLSR and PCR were computationally faster and simpler, these advantages do not outweigh the reduction in accuracy, and there is a benefit in obtaining relevant prior information from the distribution of gene effects.Approaches to the use of data from molecular markers in genetic evaluation for predicting breeding values have undergone considerable development as dense genome-wide marker technologies, such as high-density, high-throughput SNP chips, have become available.“However, 60 per cent of our industrial heritage won’t ever attract developers and businesses.Its future could be bleak but, as our poll shows, people are passionate about our industrial past and since the 1960s there has been a strong tradition of local groups taking on the preservation of their local industrial heritage.” English Heritage are offering advice on their website on how to convert or do up old industrial buildings.

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