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So, it is no wonder that we notice marvelous influence of foreign styles on Kerala’s architecture. It is your passage to the land, spurred on by remnants and memoirs-sometimes as simple as a piece of wood and sometimes as mysterious as a burial urn. Arjuna Nritham or the ‘dance of Arjuna’ is supposed to have evolved from Arya – Dravidian culture. The instruments used are Harmonium, Mrudangam, Ganchira and Kaimani. Only through rigorous training lasting many years one can aspire to master the craft of Kutiyattam. As soon as the lamp kept on the stage is lit, the Arangukeli begins. Velakali originated in Ambalappuzha where Mathoor Panicker, chief of the Chempakasserri army, to boost the martial spirit of the people.

Housed in a Heritage Building ' Park View Bungalow' -one that saw history in the making- KERALAM captures the quintessence of the land in an enchanting 7,000 sq. Here, quaint hallways, majestic pillars and wooden staircases built in a mix of traditional and colonial style, will lead you across different time zones and spaces, to reveal the soul of Kerala. Palaces are living legacies left behind by departed kings. The belief is that soon after the Kurukshetra war, Arjuna danced before Bhadrakaali in order to appease her. Ayappan Theeyattu, a ritual art form popular in Central Travancore and is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. The word Kutiyattam literally means "acting together". One of the largest vegetarian feasts in India, the Aranmula Vallasadhya is a ritual offering to the deity Lord Parthasarathy. Other descriptive names given to the Arangukeli include Shuddhamaddalam, Kelikkai and Ganapathikkyu Koduka. Dancers wear colourful and attractive costumes similar to that of the Nair soldiers of the olden days.

To the west, 200-300 km away from its pristine coastline, are the Lakshadweep islands. During this ritual at night, pilgrims carrying pots smeared with sandalwood paste walk in a procession to the mosque. The Purappadu comes after the Thodayam and the Vandana sloka.

Nature's bounty, vibrant culture and an exotic cuisine bespeak the land's tourist slogan "God's Own Country". About six caparisoned elephants and folk performances accompany the procession. The main elements of this ritual include a sloka as a preface or introduction which is the purappadu sloka in Raag Bhairavi, and a padam that describes the heroic qualities of the main character.

Traditionally built forts can be seen across the length and breadth of Kerala. Though less prominent when compared to the forts of Rajasthan, the Kerala forts are particularly known for their simplicity, expertise, nobility and greatness. The traditional folk art forms evolved since the history of mankind are related to every phase of human life. Besides there are other characters like Kakkathis, Vedan etc. Kutiyattam (Koodiyattam), which is around 2000 years old, has been accepted as one of the ' Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity' by the UNESCO. Having a lamp of this height ensures that the actor’s face, made up with manayola (the base component used in all types of Kathakali makeup), will get enough light to accentuate and enliven the various expressions that he displays. The Poorakkali performance begins after a series of ceremonies and has many ritual components such as Pooramala, Ganapathy Paattu, and hymns in praise of Goddess Saraswathi, ...

Kerala’s many natural harbours helped attract foreigners here. The Arjuna Nirtham also known as Mayilpeeli Thookam, is a ritual art of Kerala performed in the Bhagavati temples of south Kerala, mainly at Kollam, Alappuzha and Kottayam. The handsome Sundara Kakaan is the representative of the Kakkala community (a nomadic tribe of fortune-tellers). Scenes are enacted with dialogues, music and songs as in the erstwhile musical plays. It is usually performed only in temple theatres known as Koothambalam by members of the Chakyar and Nambyar castes till the first half of the 20th century. The top part of the lamp that will hold the wick or wicks should be around one and a half feet in diameter. The Arangukeli comprise the initiatory rituals associated with a Kathakali performance. Keli is the ritual to publicise an upcoming performance whereas the Arangukeli is the introductory ritual of the actual performance. Velakali is a ritualistic martial art form performed by men in some of the temples of southern Kerala.

It was built in the traditional Kerala style in the 1840s, with ... Two centuries ago, many battles were fought between the kings of ... For the festival in October / November (the Malayalam month Thulam) the festival flag is hoisted on the day of the Atham asterism and the aaratt is conducted on the day of the Thiruvonam asterism. The circle expands and contracts as the dance progresses. This poetic composition is renowned in India and is characterized by the overpowering presence of the emotion of love. The eight day celebration is marked by the line-up of 21 caparisoned elephants. Ayyappan theeyaattu is an offering to Lord Ayyappa whereas Bhadrakali theeyaattu is an offering to the mother Goddess (Kali).

Bekal Fort stands at the confluence of land and sea. Language and literature stamp the sui generis cultural identity of a place. Here, one can see two groups of players, one inside and the other outside. There are 12 Sargas (cantos), 24 songs and 92 slokas. Traditional musical ensembles like panchavadyam and pandimelam add more charm to the festivities. Colorful ritual drawing (known as Kalamezhuthu) of the deity (Lord Ayyappan or Bhadrakali) on the floor with natural powders is the major component of this ritual.

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Soon, more film societies were set up in different towns of Kerala as a venue for exhibiting good movies and for facilitating enthusiastic discussions about movies. The fresh path opened for Malayalam cinema in the 1970s and the strength imbued through the depth and excellence of the new genre of movies, helped experienced artists like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, G. As long as they were active in the Malayalam tinsel world, Prem Nazir and Sathyan had virtually no challengers. To preserve the strong edifice and rich values that helped shape the Kerala society, to coordinate the lessons of the past for a future society, creation of a new generation equipped with information on the past and present of Kerala and on the need to preserve archival materials. Akin to Poorakali, Kolkali has also drawn elements from Kalaripayattu. Puppetry is a popular theatre art form which has its own unique styles in all over the world. The characters of Kathakali do not speak and the story is presented through songs from the background. Due to unknown reasons, the conduct of the festival changed to Peruvanam and Aarattupuzha festivals. Kavadi used for the dance is of different sizes and shapes, each with its own significance.

Nevertheless, in those days, superstars were not the fulcrum on which Malayalam film industry turned. Objectives To acquire and preserve all non –current records of permanent value of the State Government Secretariat; various departments of State Government; all commissions set up by the Government; the State Public Service Commission; and records and papers of historical value with private individuals and institutions. An art form in which the performance is carried over by puppets or inanimate objects, often resembling human or animal figure, that are manipulated by an artist called as puppeteer. This makes Kathakali music a very important component of this art form. The version of Peruvanam festival as we witness today is of 1400 years old. Background music of Panchavadyam, Nagaswarm etc is an added attraction. They gradually move in a frenzy, in step with the rising beats of percussion music. Margam Kali is a ritual art form popular among certain sects of the Christian community of Kerala.

Since 1990 commercial cinema became completely dependent on superstars. Major activities Apart from the scientific preservation of the records ... In Kerala puppetries are of different kinds, such as puppets controlled either by threads or hands. Palanthoni Velayudhanasan (Porattu Natakam) 1979 8. The text of Kathakali songs is known as Attakkatha. The festival takes place during the Malayalam month of Meenam (March-April). This is the very first ritual associated with a Kathakali performance and is carried out to publicise an event that is to take place shortly. Rhythmic movements and songs are the major attractions.

Located in the district of Kasaragod, the northernmost district of Kerala, it is an impressive edifice spread over 40 acres. The second half of the 1960s was a period during which a group of devoted youngsters were very active in the world of Malayalam cinema. George to continue with the making of delicately nuanced movies through the 1980s. What marks out the Kerala identity of ‘Malayanma’ is the Malayalam language and literature born out of. As they keep changing positions, this is termed as ‘Kolkali’. The Ashtapadi songs that abound in equal amounts of devotion (Bhakti) and love are popularly sung ... Peruvanam Pooram is noted for its antiquity and is held at the Peruvanam temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Subsequently, the deity is invoked through traditional songs to the ...

The fort is believed to have been in existence from the beginning of the rule of Chirakkal Rajas, the rulers of the Kolathiri Kingdom of North Malabar, the northernmost part of the state of Kerala. These young men had got the opportunity to see highly-acclaimed international films, participate in international film festivals and study in film institutes. Along with them, directors Bharathan and Padmarajan and cinematographer Shaji N Karun who did the camera work for Aravindan’s movies, made the period one of total fulfillment for moviegoers. Taking roots in the oral tradition, it moved to inscriptions and manuscript, print and finally has made its foray into the cyber world. Even then, the players come back to their original positions. Kathakali is a classical dance form of Kerala, demanding long years of training. It is believed that the sanctum sanctorum of the temple was built at the spot where Lord Shiva is believed to have meditated under a tree. A ritual art related to Lord Subrahmanian, Kavadiyattam is mostly conducated an offering to the Lord.

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