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See post: Anyone else come across this? Additionally, if you have a stack of a Reagent in a regular Bank slot and you right-click on a stack of the same Reagent in your bags, Bagnon will place the stack from your bags in an open Reagent Bag slot rather than add it to the stack already in your Bank in the non-Reagent Bag slot. So i got a really annoying problem over here: I got 2 characters, 1 Druid and 1 DH - both have the same Bags (Hexweave) and also the settings in Bagnon.

Please post to the bug issue link above so we can push this forward. My problem is: My inventory on my Druid got listed from left to right downwards with new items ---- thats what i want!!!

Or, you can launch World of Warcraft using a script - adding "-noautolaunch64bit" will force the 32bit Wo W client to be launched instead of the 64bit one.

If you're already using a script, simply add "-noautolaunch64bit" at the end of your Wo W launch command.

Bug Grabber\Bug Grabber.lua:573: in function [C]: in function `Set Target Clamping Insets'...e Blizzard_Name Plates\Blizzard_Name Plates.lua:242: in function `Setup Class Nameplate Bars'...e Blizzard_Name Plates\Blizzard_Name Plates.lua:87: in function `On Name Plate Added'...e Blizzard_Name Plates\Blizzard_Name Plates.lua:44: in function is this a problem only i have? (yes i did what the faq said) an there is no item count at all. now bagnon don`t count items but the money is listet for all of my chars. On some of my chars i get loot in the last available bag, on some it just puts it behind the last item in the bag.

How do i make it go in the last bag on all of my chars??

Great Addon until the rtard devs added guild count and made it so the checkmark doesn't do anything besides make you feel good for clicking it (it doesn't work).

I have been over all settings and comparing, but i can not find it!! How do I get rid of guild bank numbers, I have no desire to see what is in my guild's bank.

:(EDIT: This is a Wo W setting, not a addon setting. Use /run Set Insert Items Left To Right(true) Or make true, false depending on what you want! Is anyone else having serious issues with this locking up or crashing the game when opening the guild vault?

The inventory on my DH get, without changing bagorder or something from left to right FROM THE BOTTOM!!! And even if i change Bag-/Slotorder within the option i can only get it to top-bottom BUT new items go in the the lowest right slot on the bottom...!!! i have the same setting on ALL of my other charakters and only the DH inventory is so fucked up and i cant make it work.... I reinstalled the Mod and it didnt change anything... This most likely comes from an option that was available in previous versions of the game, which allowed you to chose to fill bags from left to right (which is not the default configuration) and you probably had it enabled on your druid.

In Legion, this option has been hidden and you need an addon such as https:// to access it again and enable it on your DH :) Hello, How can we configure bagbrother ?

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